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man puttingStoneybrook Golf Course


To the non-golfer the Stoneybrook Golf Course can be seen as anything from a beautiful landscaped area to a problem creating facility that the Owners of property at Stoneybrook have to live with.

The Board of Supervisors certainly hope that it is a beautiful landscaped area and do their best to ensure that any problems that affect the Owners are resolved quickly.


The Golf Course is one of the few public-use courses in SW Florida and is probably the best from a players point of view; consequently the course is used by many golfers some of whom do not always respect the gated community and behave in an unbecoming way to that expected of a person playing the game.

Golf has always been a gentlemans (and Gentlewomans) game where standards of etiquette are high, but, unfortunately like many standards in life today, behavior of some Golf Players is below what should be expected. The Staff at Stoneybrook Golf Course will always do their best to watch for bad behavior and take appropriate action but if you notice anything that you consider is in poor taste please don't hesitate to call the Pro-Shop on 948-3933. Try to obtain a Golf Cart number or have a good description of the individuals.

Tree Replanting

planting treesStorms over the past two years have certainly taken their toll on the Golf Course where many established trees were destroyed or damaged. The CDD has a program to replace these trees as soon as weather and ground conditions permit. Please remember that it is impossible to replace a 50 foot tall pine or oak tree, we can only replace it with a smaller tree and wait for it to grow.

We are confident that our new plantings consisting of different types of trees will eventually develop into more attractive preserve-type areas than they were prior to the destruction and by the end of this year all replacement plantings will be complete.

While on the subject of Preserve Areas please be aware that our large natural preserve areas are out of bounds to residents and golfers alike and any trees that fall over in these areas have to remain and rot. If you have any concerns regarding the Landscaping around your property (not on your property) please check with your Homeowners/Condo/Villa Association to ensure that it not their responsibility. If it is not their responsibility then by all means contact the CDD by calling 239-948-9057 and leave a message.

The CDD Board of Supervisors are determined to run the Golf Course with no Golf Course expenses passed onto the Homeowners and with all changes/improvements to the course paid by the income it receives from Green Fees etc. Having this self-financing restriction will not always allow us to complete improvements when we would like to and our improvement plans may have to be delayed until finances permit.

Some planned improvements are:

Sand Bunkers

Many of the bunkers are holding water so new drainage systems will be added to create dryer sand.


Some fairways have wet spots that also require drainage systems to be added and/or modified.

Coquina Cart Paths

The heavy rains of the summer and low points that collect irrigation water have caused some problems in various areas of the cart paths. Additional coquina will be added to make up the low spots and drainage in these areas will be addressed.

Starter Sheds

We are looking into providing new more attractive starter sheds for both the Bag Boys and the Starter.

Golf Carts

golf courseThe Golf Carts are leased and this lease is about to expire. We intend signing a new lease for new carts and at the same time providing a new GPS system that will be more desirable for the golfer. The new GPS system will also allow the CDD to create an income flow from customized advertising on the system.


The Pro-Shop is six years old and is showing signs of wear. Some minor improvements will be made to update the shop. The Pro-Shop will be charging more for Green Fees in 2007 bringing Stoneybrook in line with other golf courses of this standard.


One area that Owners are probably not fully conversant with is who is responsible for Golf Course and Home Site irrigation water production and who pays for it?

First of all, the CDD is responsible for producing and delivering the water and up until now we obtained it by pumping water out of the underground aquifer into the lakes by the 16th tee box (remember the one on the east side used to be brown with mineral deposits). Now, however, we receive recycled water from the local utility company. This water is free at the moment but in about 2 years we shall have to start paying for this water. It will be far less cost than normal domestic water but there will be a nominal charge set by the Utility Company and we shall have no choice on whether to accept the water.
landscaperA recent study undertaken by a large Engineering Company on behalf of the CDD shows that the Homeowners use 57% of the irrigation water while the Golf Course uses 43%.

As part of the Engineering study costs were established for the true cost of providing irrigation water that would include pump maintenance, pipe repairs, electricity to run pumps, reserves and all the other miscellaneous costs involved. This figure was then divided in the 43/57 ratio and the CDD and HOA provided with figures for their budgets.

The study resulted in a reduction charged to the individual Homeowners that will be reflected in their Master Association Fees.

The Master Associations Board of Directors has requested that instead of the irrigation charges being part of the Master Association fees (as they are at present) the CDD should collect the irrigation water charges from the Homeowners by adding the charge to the Lee County Taxes. There would be an additional charge of 4% to Homeowners, charged by Lee County, to do this. The CDD has not accepted this request and feel that the Irrigation Water Charge should be treated in the same way as Comcast Cable, Community Pool Maintenance, Security and other service charges in that they are all considered part of the Association Fees. If you have a view on this matter please let your views be known to the CDD and Master Board.

Be assured that the CDD Board of Supervisors are Owners of property at Stoneybrook, live in Stoneybrook and, like you, want the best value, most attractive Community in Southwest Florida.